Riding Abilities

Never Ridden 

A Person who has never ridden a horse/pony

Beginner Rider

A person who can mount a horse, dismount a horse and stop and steer a horse in walk. May have tried trotting.

Novice Rider

A person who is competent at riding a horse/pony at a walk and at rising (posting) trot, may have tried canter. A rider who has cantered but is nervous or has not done so in a while. A rider who has only ridden Western style.

Intermediate Rider

A person who is confident and competent at a riding a horse/pony at walk, trot and canter in an arena. Has had some experience riding out in open spaces and may have tried small jumps. A rider who may have ridden to an advanced standard in the past, but is not currently a regular rider.

Advanced Rider

A person who is confident and competent at all paces and is currently riding regularly. Can control a more advanced horse/pony when cantering/galloping in company in an open space (e.g on the beach). Has jumped regularly.

Further Information

Horses/ponies are not led on beach/dune rides (unless by special arrangement) you must be able and confident to ride a quiet horse at a walk to ride out.

Your Safety is important to us please do not over-estimate your ability.

All our horses are ridden English style with English saddles and bridles. If you have only Western-type saddle experience, you will be considered a beginner/novice rider unless you have taken English seat riding lessons. For any advanced beach rides, riders need to be familiar with English saddles and be able to rise (post) to the trot and canter.