What to Wear When Horse Riding

If you have not ridden before, or at least for sometime, you should please note the following requirements for riding at Donegal Equestrian Centre.


Hats must comply to the following standard:-

Hats bearing only the EN1384 or BSEN1384 standard will no longer be accepted under AIRE hat rules for 2016.

However, hats would be acceptable if they carry EN1384 or BSEN1384 and another standard such as those listed:

  • PAS 015 (1998 or 2011)
  • VG1 01.040 (2014-12)
  • ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards)
  • SNELL E2001
  • AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards)

they must be worn when mounted correctly fitted and fastened. We have hats you can use if you are just visiting the area or have just taken up riding.
If you have a riding hat, bring it along and ask your instructor to check it for current standards.


Riding boots or Jodhpur boots ideally should be worn, however, any closed toe flat shoe or boot with a smooth sole and a small heel would be acceptable. Trainers are not acceptable, so please don’t turn up in them expecting to ride. They are unsafe.

Lower Body

Thick leggings or trousers that offer freedom of movement. Jeans have been known to cause friction. Legs must be covered at all times i.e no shorts or skirts.

Upper Body

Clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions. A long-sleeved shirt, a properly fastened jacket that is not flapping or a sweatshirt, are recommended.
Body protectors must be worn for all cross-country jumping and are recommended for any lesson involving jumping.


We strongly recommend that riding gloves are worn whenever riding.


No jewellery should be worn whilst riding or handling horses. The only exceptions are the wearing of a wedding ring and watch.

Ultimately it is your responsibility to be dressed correctly in accordance with the above information before riding.