Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to learn to ride?

Riding is a sport that combines balance, fitness, mental strength and bonding with a horse. Different people have different learning curves so it’s really difficult to give a number. Still, on an average a beginner needs roughly 7 to 12 lessons to learn how to control a horse in a trot and an additional 15 to 20 lessons to learn to canter.

Q.How do you choose the right horse for me?

We choose suitable horses/ponies for riders based on an assessment of their riding abilities as well as taking into consideration a personal preference (i.e a quiet pony, or something more forward going).If a particular partnership doesn't work out then we will try a different horse/pony until the rider is 100% happy with their new mount.

Q. I have never ridden before will I be welcome at D.E.C ?

We welcome all levels of rider. We specialise in providing safe and suitable horses to make your first riding experience a fun and positive one. By learning to ride at D.E.C you could find this to be the perfect introduction to a new hobby or more seriously, a lifelong passion!

Q. Do I have to buy any special equipment/clothing?

We have a good selection of riding hats and boots that you can borrow for your first few lessons. Once you are sure you or your child wish to take up riding regularly we would recommend that you first purchase would be a correctly fitting riding hat to the current BSI standard. Please see our WHAT TO WEAR guide for further information.