Customer Service Charter

Our Mission – To provide a high quality riding experience for tourists and the local community.

Our commitment to you

  • Deliver our services to all customers, in a timely, effective and professional manner, and in accordance with our values.  The delivery of our services will meet the reasonable expectations of the customers.
  • Conduct our business in a fair, open and transparent manner, with regard to your privacy and confidentiality.
  • Strive for excellence in the development and delivery of riding programmes and services through active consultation and continuous improvement.
  • Resolve all complaints in an efficient and effective manner

We Aim to Provide

  • A professional, courteous and friendly service
  • Impartial and equal treatment of all customers
  • Clear, accurate and relevant information about our services
  • Suitably qualified and trained employees to ensure the best possible service delivery

In Doing this we will

  • Serve you promptly at the time of your arrival
  • Be friendly, helpful and sensitive to your individual needs
  • Provide clear, accurate information about our services
  • Respect customer privacy and confidentiality

You can help us by

  • Providing full and detailed constructive comments on our service delivery
  • Telling us if you have specific needs
  • Treating our staff with courtesy.
  • Providing accurate information when completing the rider registration form

You can contact us by the following means

Donegal Equestrian Centre