Price List 2018

Child rates are for children under 16 years of age. Private rides are for just your booking with a guide/instructor. Group rates apply when you join an existing group ride.
All prices are in € Euro.

1 Hour Group Beach/Dune Ride30.0025.00
1 Hour Private Beach/Dune Ride45.0040.00
2 Hour Group Beach/Dune Ride55.0050.00
2 Hour Private Beach/Dune Ride85.0080.00
1 Day Advanced Group Tullan Strand Trail125.00120.00
1 Day Advanced Private Tullan Strand Trail175.00170.00
1 Day Beginner/Novice Group Ride125.00120.00
1 Day Beginner/Novice Private Ride175.00170.00
Half Day Beginner/Novice Group Riding Experience70.0060.00
Half Day Beginner/Novice Private Riding Experience95.0085.00
1 Hour Group Lesson30.0020.00
1 Hour Private Lesson45.0040.00
1/2 Hour Group Lesson20.0015.00
1/2 Hour Private Lesson30.0025.00
1 Hour Family Lesson (min 4 persons)25.0025.00
Country Lane Lead Out20.0015.00
1/2 Day Pony Campn/a30.00
1 Day Pony Campn/a50.00
3 Day Pony Campn/a135.00
5 Day Pony Campn/a225.00